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MBA Alumni Association attends the Fourth Congress of the Alumni Association of Jiangnan University and the 2017 alumni working conference

Release time:2017-11-28

In November 26th, the Fourth Congress of the Alumni Association of Jiangnan University and the 2017 alumni working conference were held in Nanjing.

School party secretary Zhu Tuo, vice principal Gu Zhengbiao, deputy party secretary Dai Yuebo, the third honorary president of the Alumni Association/ former school party secretary Jian Dajun, the third honorary president of the Alumni Association/former vice president Wang Wu, the provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Luo Xinwen was invited to attend the meeting. Representatives of the brother Colleges’ MBA Alumni Association, President of MBA Alumni Association/the general manager of Wuxi ShiMao Real estate development co. LTD Kong Lingji , Secretary General of MBA Alumni / Director of the office of MBA Education Center Tang Jie ,and the president the Secretary General of 85 local alumni groups and more than 160 people in charge of college and department in school attended the meeting.The meeting was chaired by Huang Min, director of the social resources department.

At the beginning of the conference, the Nanjing Alumni Association of Jiangnan University, Kim Ming, represented the organizers of the conference made a welcome speech .Subsequently, Secretary General of Nanjing University Alumni Association Zhang Suogeng , and Secretary General of Southeast University Alumni Association Yao Zhibiao, respectively sent sincere wishes to the conference, and expressed the sincere desire to link closely with college alumni associations.

Vice president of Jiangnan University, vice president of the Third Council Alumni Association, Gu Zhengbiao made a speech entitled “Treasure fate,Cohesive force and create a new era of alumni work ”.The report summarizes the efforts of the Alumni Association in the past six years in the aspects of organizational construction, alumni services, activities planning and cultural heritage.The Alumni Association has created the brand of "the people of Jiangnan", and the alumni complex has been developed.At the same time, looking forward to the future, put forward a new and higher requirement in improving the work mechanism, strengthening the information construction and promoting the building of the alumni's family.The General Assembly elected the members of the fourth council council of the Jiangnan University, the board of supervisors, the executive director and the organization member.Zhu tuo, party secretary of Jiangnan University, was elected President of the Fourth Council of Jiangnan University Alumni Association.

Zhu Tuo delivered a passionate speech after his election. He firstly expressed his high respect for the untiring efforts of the Third Council of the Alumni Association, and expressed his sincere thanks to all the alumni who care about supporting the construction and development of his alma mater. Then, he introduced the main achievements of school, especially the relevant situation of the "Double First-rate" construction.He also pointed out that in 2018, the school will celebrate its 60th anniversary, and sincerely hope that the alumni of China and abroad will contribute their ideas and Suggestions. He said that he would strictly follow the rules of the school alumni association and set an example to "build a platform" for the master, and "to work for the future". He hoped that the new council would be able to work together to create a new situation in the work of the alumni association and push the alumni association to a new level. Luo Xinwen, director of the provincial Civil Affairs Department, delivered a speech. He affirmed the contribution of Jiangnan University Alumni Association to enhance the reputation of the school, improve the school running level and contribute to the economic and social development of Jiangsu.He also hopes earnestly for the work of Alumni Association. He hopes that Alumni Association of Jiangnan University will enhance self building, promote self discipline and autonomy, insist on serving the supremacy, improve service management, enhance hematopoietic function and be brave in developing and innovating.

School party secretary Zhu Tuo awarded MBA alumni, alumni groups in Shanghai and other 10 local alumni groups "alumni information submission advanced collective Award", awarded Yi Zhenqiu and other 10 people alumni “Alumni work devotion Award” , in recognition of the selfless dedication and fruitful achievements made for the work of the Alumni Association.

Dai Yuebo, vice president of the fourth council of the Alumni Association of Jiangnan University and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the school, chaired the 2017 Jiangnan University alumni work meeting.Gu Zhengbiao introduced the recent development of Jiangnan University to the participants, and introduced the 60th anniversary anniversary of the school and the museum construction project of Jiangnan University. I hope all the alumni can gather strength and brainstorm,Do good, do fine, do beautiful.

The alumni representatives are closely related to the school 60th anniversary and the construction of the Museum of Jiangnan University. Various alumni groups have said that they will do their best to organize and mobilize all the alumni to help the development of the alma mater.Impressive, Geng Liguo (grain 602 alumni, Alumni Association of Guangdong) and Zhang Yadong (food 611 alumni, former Tsingtao Brewery chairman of Limited by Share Ltd) can not attend the meeting due to health reasons , but clearly expressed will take the lead in supporting the construction of Jiangnan University museum through the telephone connection.

Finally, Zhu Tuo pointed out in his concluding remarks, "the intellectual support is more important than the financial support of the alumni, multi-level regular communication is more important than a meeting moved, the sustainable development of the school and alumni is more important than pure emotion", caused a strong chorus of alumni.

With the good wishes of the alumni to the alma mater and profound sentiments of friendship between alumni, Alumni Association of the Jiangnan University are taking new steps to a new journey.


(Meeting scene)


(Zhu Tuo made a speech)


(Gu Zhengbiao made a report)


(Dai Yuebo hosted 2017 Alumni Work Conference)


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(MBA alumni attend the annual meeting)