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The return-visit communication meeting of MBA alumni of Jiangnan University was successfully held

Release time:2017-11-10

On November 8th, the return-visit communication meeting of MBA alumni of jiangnan university was held in the Lianda Hall of business school. Professor Teng Lefa, the dean of the business school of Jiangnan University, director of MBA education center of Jiangnan University,professor Wu Ge, attended the exchange meeting. The meeting was chaired by teacher Tang Jie, director of the MBA education center.

During the return-visit communication meeting, Dean Teng Lefa warmly welcomed the MBA alumni to return to their alma mater, introduced the AMBA international certification, MBA market and brand building , hoping alumni can contribute to the school of business development and brand promotion. Vice president Wu Ge describes the construction and development of MBA Center for ten years from the aspects of discipline construction, teachers, students.Making great efforts in developing high-quality management talents with a global vision and local experience, the cultivation of excellent occupation morality and reasonable knowledge structure, innovative spirit, good at communication and cooperation.He said, thanks to the contribution and support of all alumni and want all alumni to "return home frequently".

Later, the president of the MBA Alumni Association, Kong Lingji, reported on the development of the second MBA Alumni Association.In the past year, MBA Alumni Association has been improving alumni working mechanism, innovating alumni activity mode and improving the quality of alumni association activities. It has organized twelve activities, and has participated in over 1000 alumni.The vice president of the MBA Federation, Zhang Yaoyu, reported on the development of the MBA Federation and introduced the student representatives of the new MBA Federation.MBA Alumni Association Deputy Secretary General Tian Yonghong focused on reporting on the preparations for the annual festival of MBA, he said, for the Jiangnan University MBA education 10th anniversary, festival activities will cover multiple forms, including academic forum, science and technology exhibition, festival dinner and theatrical performances, including education, health, environmental protection, science and technology, intelligent etc..

Jiangnan University was approved by the State Council Degree office in 2007 as the seventh batch of MBA training colleges and universities in China. Ten years past, Jiangnan University MBA Education Center has delivered a total of 477 graduates for the society, more than 600 undergraduates,be found across all walks of life. Many outstanding alumni, whose selfless dedication, pioneering and innovative quality and daring to bear their bosom, are valuable spiritual wealth of MBA education in Jiangnan University. Alumni have expressed their contributions to the development of MBA.


(Speech by Professor Teng Lefa)


(Speech by Professor Wu Ge)


(Kong Lingji reported work)


(Tian Yonghong reported annual ceremony preparations)


(Meeting scene)


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