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2017 MBA integrated practice curriculum project concluding report is successfully held

Release time:2017-08-08

On the afternoon of August 5, the 2017 MBA Integrated Practice Courses Project (Old Street Coffee White) organized by the Jiangnan University MBA Education Center was held in Room 304 in Business School.Chairman of Sino-French joint venture Wuxi Jin Yi Fu Restaurant and MBA mentor Yu Chao, vice president of Operation Department Tao Yuchen, vice president of Business School Professor Wu Ge, Professor Tang Jian Rong, attended the event as the judges, Tang Jie, director of the Office of MBA Education Center hosted the lecture.

During the report, 12 MBA students introduced their research in details and what they intoduced accredited by judges and companies. In the report, two executives thought that some opinions put forward in the report about strategic planning and implementation strategies were of great enlightenment to the enterprises.

The project started in March this year. Professor Tang Jianrong of Business School served as the project mentor and Tang Jie was responsible for project communication and management. Finally,the group consisted of 6 students.With the effort of teachers and students, the project research report was completed. MBA students said they have benefited from this integration project and expressed their gratitude to the MBA Education Center and Wuxi Jinyi Fu Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.

The integrated practice course is a characteristic practice course in the MBA training program of Jiangnan University. The course aims to solve the problem of the integration of theory and practice in MBA education, improve the ability of MBA students to operate and manage, propose valuable and operational solutions for business management and strive to build the brand of MBA of business school.


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