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The new students opening ceremony & entrance education of 2017 MBA of Jiangnan University is successfully held

Release time:2017-09-05

On the afternoon of September 3,the new students opening ceremony & entrance education of 2017 MBA of Jiangnan University was held in 305 lecture hall in library.Teng Lefa,Dean of School of Business and Li Jiamin ,Secretary of the Party committee attended the event with all leaders, dean’s assistant,etc..MBATeachers, MBA Union and alumni association attended the event. The ceremony was hosed by Doctor Ren Hualiang .

First of all, Shi Lei, Chairman of the Eighth MBA Union delivered the welcome speech. He warmly welcomed students choosing MBA of Jiangnan University and shared his experience. He encouraged students to stick to the goals and study with a positive and open mind.

Then,Gu Jinhu,the representative of 2017 MBA new students shared his happiness.He initiatived students of 2017 MBA class to study hard and work together to achieve high-quality results of MBA study.

Professor Zhu Heping , as an MBA tutor,made a speech,sharing his own experience of study. He suggested that students should cherish the good learning opportunities. He praised MBA students for their high quality. He encouraged everyone to work hard to make persistent efforts to successfully complete their MBA studies.

Dean Teng Lefa made a warm speech at the ceremony. He warmly welcomed the arrival of the 2017 MBA students,and he hoped they will have a wonderful time studying in MBA of Jiangnan University. Mr. Teng narrated the history of MBA's ten years of development, the continuous achievements of MBA teachers and students, the progress of AMBA certification and CAMEA certification,etc.He hpoed new students can improve themselves through the study in Jiangnan University.He also hoped students know the importance of teamwork and handles the relationship between independence and collaboration. He encouraged students to be willing to share with teachers and classmates and discovering the strengths of others.

Finally, Li Jiamin presided over the ceremony of wearing emblems of Business Schools for all MBA students. Secretary Li encouraged the students to practice the spirit of “Light and Service”.She hoped all students can realize their dreams in Jiangnan University.

Enrollment was held after the ceremony. Lu Feng, Vice Chairman of the MBA Federation, and Tian Yonghong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Alumni Association introduced the wonderful activities of the Federation and the Alumni Association to the new students. The MBA center teacher led the new students to study the documents of students management, education and degree management seriously.

With the ceremony ended, 2017 MBA students will shake the wings of their dreams and take the wisdom and hard work to interpret the wonderful future. We hope the new students can jointly make positive contributions to the development of the MBA business and brand influence.


(Opening ceremony scene)


(Dean Teng Lefa made a speech)


(Secretary Li Jiamin presided over the ceremony wearing badge)


(MBA mentor Professor Zhu Heping speech)


(Greetings from Shi Lei, Chairman of the Eighth MBA Association)


(2017 MBA freshman Gu Jinhu speech)


(MBA Education Center teacher for admission)


(The Alumni Association introduced the MBA Alumni Association's wonderful activities)