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Our school MBA entrepreneurial team won the second prize of "Bright Times" Cup in 2017 China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition finals

Release time:2017-07-25

July 22-23, "Bright Times" Cup 2017 (15th) China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition National Finals held in Shanghai Jiaotong University. The "Independent Follow-Up Intelligent Robot Project" developed by Fengcheng Technology Entrepreneurship Team led by our MBA alumni Chen Bo won the second prize in the finals.

Founded in 2002 by Shanghai Jiaotong University, China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition has developed for 15 years and has become a nationally famous entrepreneurial event for MBA students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland Business Schools. It has become an annual event of Chinese business school. This year's Entrepreneurship Competition started in January 2017.It divided into the South Division, the Northern Division and Shanghai Jiaotong University Division, including more than 70 well-known business schools and Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Approximately 200 MBA Entrepreneurship teams sign up for the competition.It has became the competition which have the largest number of participating events.

Jiangnan University MBA Education Center sent three entrepreneurial teams to participate for the first time. With Professor Wang Lijuan and Tang Jie’s help, Chen Feng’s team won the second place en Po alumni led the peak into technology entrepreneurship The team developed the "autonomous follow-smart robot project" and passed the start-up training camp, private board meeting and preliminaries to qualify for the national finals with the second place in the South Division southern division.Finally,Chen Feng’s team won the second prize, with Shanghai Jiao Tong University team winning the first place.

"Autonomous Follow Smart Robot Project" is an entity project that has been developed and constructed for three years. This electric wheelchair is developed for the disable and has many functions. The project has obtained 2 authorized patents, 35 utility model patents and 4 software copyright licenses. It has been tested by the Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Quality Supervision,and it will be mass-produced. During the development of this project, the entrepreneurial team started strategic cooperation with wheelchair manufacturers and pension institutions to realize the integration of the service chain of the production and marketing of the smart electric wheelchair.

The competition invited Professor Meng Xianzhong, director of Strategic Management Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Dong Yeshun, partner of Shanghai volcanic stone investment management, Dr. Song Anlan, partner of Softbank China, etc..served as judges. The seven judges gave the scores based on project innovation, team strength and performance to determine the rankings. The judges made wonderful comments on the performance of Chen Feng’s team. They all agreed that the venture project is relatively mature. They suggested some innovations in the operation mode and strategic cooperation with large wheelchair manufacturers at home and abroad.

During the finals, through entrepreneurial training, project diagnosis, etc.,it helped start up team to guide and grasp the direction of business, sort out the business model, integrate entrepreneurial resources It invited angel investment institutions negotiate with the project financing, discuss cooperation or give advice on project development.On the opening ceremony, the Organizing Committee introduced the "China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition project quality and development status report"and conducted an in-depth visit to 55 projects in the last five 68 finals.

Innovation and entrepreneurship is the root of national development and national rejuvenation. Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council, once pointed out:College students are the new force of innovation and entrepreneurship, they must not only earnestly study and acquire more knowledge, but also devote themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship and improve their practical abilities. Jiangnan University MBA always adhere to the "reality - experimental - actual combat" for ten years, MBA open Entrepreneurship Management courses, invite entrepreneurs into the classroom or carry out corporate mobility class and encourage MBA students to actively participate in various types of innovation and entrepreneurship forums, business simulation competitions, entrepreneurial competitions and innovation projects organized by Jiangsu Province.It support MBA students and alumni to set up the project.Under the new situation, MBA education in our university will effectively enhance the sense of urgency in deepening the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, improve the quality of personnel training in an all-round way, enhance the development level of MBA programs, and boost the construction of first-rate brand business schools in the province.


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