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The 2nd Jiangsu Province MBA Center Workshop was successfully held in our school

Release time:2017-07-13

On the afternoon of July 11, the second workshop of MBA center in Jiangsu Province hosted by MBA Education Center of Jiangnan University was held in 116 East Hall of Business School of Jiangnan University. The theme of this session is "Training and Management of MBA under the Current Situation." Assistant to the President of Jiangnan University, Dean of the Graduate School and Director of Discipline Construction Du Guocheng, Dean of Business School Teng Lefa and leaders from other schools attended the event. Jiangsu Province MBA Center Workshop, Nanjing University MBA Education Center Director Li Jing, Secretary of MBA Center Workshop of Jiangsu Province, Director of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics MBA Executive Du Gang, Director of MBA Education Center Wu Ge hosted the meeting in turn.

At the meeting, Professor Du Guocheng addressed the speech. He affirmed the significance of this event and made three suggestions: First, the MBA Center Workshop should become an important channel for MBA training colleges and universities in the province to enhance mutual trust, understanding and coordination and cooperation. Under the new situation, all MBA programs should further strengthen coordination and cooperation in order to jointly promote the development of the MBA and train more excellent high-quality business personnel for Jiangsu and the whole country. Secondly, the MBA Center Workshop should become a platform for provincial MBA colleges and universities to carry out all-round, multi-faceted and pragmatic cooperation.We must continue to explore effective measures and specific ways to strengthen the enrollment, developing and degree management and Achieve win-win. Finally, the MBA Center Workshop should be devoted to become a model of cooperation and exchange among MBA institutions in China.We should build the openness and harmonious environment.

Professor Teng Lefa pointed out in his speech that 17 MBA education centers in Jiangsu Province should create their own characteristics of MBA programs according to their regional economic advantages. In the process of running a school, we should pool our efforts to build a common exchange platform, build our own brand of MBA, expand international training channels, advocate entrepreneurial spirit and feelings, grasp innovation and get opportunities for project development. In his opinion, the relationship between MBA institutions is not a competitor, should be partners, we should work together to strengthen the MBA program in Jiangsu Province. He thought that the evelopement of province's MBA career can promote more successful MBA programs in all schools and train more o talented people for the society.

Li Jing, MBA Center of Jiangsu Province and MBA Education Center of Nanjing University, encouraged all MBA-sponsored institutions to share their wisdom in the exchange and work together to enhance their work standards in their studies combined with the founding and development process of the workshop.She suggested that the MBA Center Workshop, with the strong support from all schools, can organize more activities and make concerted efforts to contribute to the development of the MBA program.

During the conference, the representatives of 17 MBA-training colleges shared their opinions and experience.They analyzed the background of MBA’s development and discussed how to create their own MBA brand through learning from each other in combination with its own characteristics and strength and how to improve the internationalization of MBA. The excellent discussions and suggestions have greatly benefited the participants.

The successful organization of the MBA Center workshop’s activity opened the prelude to the 10th anniversary of the MBA program in our school. The business school will rely on the MBA Center workshop platform to learn from outstanding MBA training institutions in the province and devote itself to further enhancing the level of MBA in our university and building MBA education brand so as to upgrade the MBA education to a new level.


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