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The "double tutoring system" helps the MBA project of our school to make the cooperation between school and enterprise in great development

Release time:2017-10-30

In the evening of October 28th, 2017 Jiangnan University MBA welcome new friendship and enterprise tutor appointment ceremony was held in the report hall of the South University Student Activities Center.Graduate Institute vice president Wu Meiping,Secretary of the Party committee of School of Business Li Jiamin ,vice president and deputy party secretary Li Ronghua, vice president and director of the MBA education center Wu Ge, vice president Wang Yuhong, vice president Qian Wuyong, 2017 MBA, newly appointed adjunct professor of business mentor, MBA integrated practice base unit leadership, the news media and friendly social groups the province, some institutions MBA Federation representatives, MBA alumni and students more than 300 people attended the event.

The vice president of the business school and the director of the MBA Education Center, Wu Ge, made a welcome speech.He introduced the development status and achievements of MBA project in our school, and thanked many entrepreneurs who were eager to boost the "dual tutoring system" of MBA in our school. Their active participation has more effectively enhanced students' comprehensive management ability, helped students become more MBA innovation of social subject, unit leader and backbone, grow better pillar of the state. It is hoped that business mentors will continue to support the development of MBA students in topics such as dissertation selection, case study and international communication, and jointly promote the brand characteristics construction of MBA education in Jiangnan University.

Shen Yi, a new part-time professor, shared his career and performance.It will be meaningful for him to take part in his alma mater as a part-time professor 20 years after graduation. He will bring some excellent curriculum resources at home and abroad to Jiangnan University, and share it with his alumni and students.

Wu Meiping, vice president of the graduate school, spoke at the ceremony.She pointed out that, according to the spirit of the academic committee of the State Council documents, our school has encouraged the school enterprise cooperation. Actively build a "double tutoring system" teacher team, in order to facilitate the training of high-level applied and compound technical and management personnel.Hope a new batches of MBA part-time professors of enterprise mentors can actively help the MBA education center to further expand the ideas and expand the field of vision, share and MBA exchange students work and life experience, help MBA students get better grades, working together to cultivate the best management talent in the country.

The "double tutoring system"is one of the important measures of MBA training in our school, which effectively promotes the combination of the theory and practice of MBA teaching.Since the enrolment of the MBA project in 2008, a good entrepreneur is employed every year as a MBA part-time professor or enterprise mentor.After they were hired, they were eager to give lectures to MBA students, hold lectures, participate in MBA forums, serve as MBA respondent teachers or interview examiners. They provide resources for conducting on-site seminars and integrating practical courses, and make positive contributions to the growth and development of MBA projects in our university.