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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Enrollment Guide

1.Jiangnan University

Jiangnan University is located by the Taihu Lake, a national scenic resort in the south of Wuxi and one of China’s national key “211 Project” universities, one of "985" platform universities, and functions directly under China’s Ministry of Education. Based on the motto ‘learning and practice to perfection’, the mission ‘demonstrate distinguished features in light industry to serve the people; innovating cultivating pattern to form backbone of the industry’, and the strategic target of building a research university with distinct characteristics, to further promote the reform of education and teaching, continuous improve the standard of running a school, make great progress in personnel training, scientific research, social services and cultural inheritance and innovation, Jiangnan University has already been built as a high level comprehensive university with distinctive characteristics of domestic influence as well as international reputation which has reasonable scale and structure ,coordinated disciplines development, excellent teaching quality, significant school management benefit, high social reputation.

2.The MBA Education Center of Jiangnan University

The MBA Education Center of Jiangnan University is affiliate to the school of business.The School has set up a complete personnel training system, including accounting, business administration, finance, international economics and trade, industrial engineering (made up of 5 undergraduate professionals), business administration, economics, management science and engineering(3 masters degree programs), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and finally one professional logistics engineering master degree option. There are 107 full-time teachers, of whom 19 are professors,56 are associate professors, 65 are doctoral and masters supervisors,11 "New Century Excellent Talents" (The Ministry of Education,China) .The school has 3,204 students, including 2,453 undergraduates, 751 graduate students and 118 foreign students.

The MBA educatuin program of Jiangnan University was approved by the State Council Office in 2007, and became one of the seventh batch of MBA training schools. In November 2011, the center successfully passed the MBA Teaching Qualification Assessment of the State Council Office of Degree with good grades. Adhering to "the cultivation of innovative talents to lead the development of the industry" ,the MBA Education is committed to cultivating high-quality business management personnel with international vision, local experience, excellent professional ethics ,reasonable structure of knowledge and skills, sprit of innovation, capability of communication and cooperation. With the education of a decade, MBA education center has enrolled 1095 trainees, whose brand influence is elevating year by year.

To impart the core knowledge of the forefront of business administration with the international perspective, to study innovative theories and skills with the open mind, to practice entrepreneurial spirit with strategic height, to cultivate outstanding business elites with professional standards, to create MBA brand with forward-looking concept, the MBA Education Center of Jiangnan continuous striving for excellence.

3. MBA Education Project

1. Research direction

SME(small and medium enterprises)growth management / Human resource management / Marketing and planning / Finance and capital market management / International business management / Entrepreneurship and innovation management / Financial management.

2. The advantages of the project

* Strong teaching-staff

Senior domestic and foreign scholars give lessons.

Famous entrepreneurs join in the class.

Internal and external mentors cooperate to educate people

* Colorful classroom

Excellent lecture hall / Case sharing / Scene simulation / Mobile classroom / Discipline competition / International communication

* Special courses

Core curriculum trains management thinking.

Elective courses improve management skills.

Quality curriculum cultivates humanistic feelings.

* Professional management

Strict educational process / Standard teaching guarantee / Dedicated management team / Warm service style.

* Beautiful environment

Ecological campus / Brilliant and advanced teaching facilities / Equal communication relationship between teachers and students / Learning atmosphere aiming at mutual progress.

* Extended value

Academic lectures / Innovation forums / Salon&Party / Public charity / sports and entertainment / Alumni resources.

4.MBA Application Information

Application Requirements

1. Citizens of People's Republic ofChina.

2. Supporters of the Communist Party of China with good moral character and obeying the law.

3. Evaluating health status according to the "Ordinary college entrance examination guidance work".

4. Till entering the school, one must have 3 years of work experience after graduating from college, or more than 5 years working experience after obtaining the national recognition of higher vocational diploma, reaching the same educational level as College graduates, or having a Master degree or Doctor degree and having more than 2 years working experience.

The signing up tim eand website

Signing up time: About October 10- October 31 every year. Registration website:Chinagraduate enrollment information network.

Public address:

Education web site:

Confirmation time and location

Confirmation time: About November 9-November 12,. Location: postgraduate registration site depends on one's register or social security place.

Preliminary test time and testing centre:

Time: December (According to the Admission ticket)

Testing centre: According to the Admission ticket.

Retest time and testing centre

Pre-admission: April next year; Letter of admission: June next year; Enrolment: September next year.

Enrollment number

The number of enrolment is about 150.

5,MBA examination

1, Preliminary test:Master of management entrance examination

(1) 204 English 2, full mark with 100.

(2) 199 Comprehensive capability test for Master of Management (math, logic and writing), full mark with 200.

2, Retest:

Retest subjects: political theory, English listening and comprehensive interview

6,MBA education system and degree awarding

1, Education system: 2.5 years duration, part-time, weekends teaching at Jiangnan University.

2, Degree awarding: Master degree diploma and graduate diploma of Business Administration of Jiangnan University

7.MBA Tuition

The total amount of tuition fees for the school year of 2018 is 89000RMB (excluding the textbook fee, the tuition is paid annually.)

8.MBA scholarship system

The outstanding enrolled students who participate in theMaster of management entrance examination in December 2017 will be awarded the corresponding scholarship in the order of scores, including one first prize of 10,000RMB, three second prizes of 5,000RMB, five third prizes of 3,000RMB This scholarship system only applies to MBA students enrolled in 2018.

9.MBA Enrolment Consultation

The MBA Education Center of Jiangnan University

Address: School of Business, Room 216,No 1800 Lihu Avenue, Wuxi, Jiangsu

Tel: 0510-85327186, 13961702900 Teacher Sun


The official website of MBA Education Center: