Development History

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Development History


  • Jiangnan University has been approved as the 7th batch of MBA high institutions in China with the approval of the State Council Academic Degree Office;


  • The first MBA cadets of Jiangnan University are enrolled, and MBA Association was set up.


  • The first MBA graduates of Jiangnan University successfully achieved degrees;

  • The MBA Program of Jiangnan University passed the qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education;

  • For the first time to the third "Peak Time" national business simulation competition finals, won the MBA group second prize, best creative team.


  • MBA alumni association was established at Jiangnan University;

  • Promoted to the 4th "Peak Time" national business simulation competition finals, won the MBA group first prize.


  • Hosting the fifth MBA Development Forum in Jiangsu;


  • Won the bronze prize in the MBA Innovative YouthEntrepreneurship Competition of the National Colleges.


  • Accreditation of MBA was launched in Jiangnan university;


  • The MBA Program of Jiangnan University passes the professional degree level evaluation of the Ministry of Education;

  • Hosting the Seventh Annual Management Case Conference of China;

  • First time to participate the 4th National Management Case Elite Competition, won the Best Comer Award;


  • Accreditation of CAMEA was launched;

  • Hosting the 2nd MBA center director workshop of Jiangsu Province;

  • First the first time to participate the 15th China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition held by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai School of Economic and Management, won second prize;

  • Participate the 1st Jiangsu MBA Case Competition held by Jiangsu Education Department, won the first prize and the third prize;

  • Hosting the launching ceremony of the series events for Decade Anniversary of MBA of Jiangnan University andLeadership and Entrepreneurshipsummit forum.