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Instruction for MBA Program

The MBA program of Jiangnan University was established under the authorization of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council in June 2007.Since 2008, when it started to recruit students, it has always taken as its motto "To Learn, To Do, To Be Better Every Day". It pursues development through quality, builds up its brand through service, and constructs features through reform and innovation. It works hard and practically to build a distinctive and well-qualified MBA brand for Jiangnan University, training high-quality industrial and commercial management talents with local experience, an international perspective, excellent work ethic, a rational structure of knowledge and skills, a spirit of innovation, and good communication and cooperation skills.

In November 2011, our MBA program pronounced the MBA teaching assessment organized by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council as ‘excellent’.The general MBA program aims at cultivating inter-disciplinary talent by preparing individuals for management with a creative and international perspective. Much emphasis has been placed on the design of a curriculum that would combine classical theory with actual conditions present in China. The purpose of this program is to improve students’ capacity to solve problems when encountered in practice, broaden their intellectual horizons, and polish their professional techniques.