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Message from the Dean

With the rapid growth of the economy in the Yangtze River Delta and after nearly three decades’ of effort and development, our Business School has built up a complete of curriculum setting and talent cultivation, endeavoring to educate business people starters, professional managers, and entrepreneurs who are familiar with 21stcentury procedures. In addition, we have committed ourselves to the concept of “cultivating creative talents and leading the development of industry”.

The Business School of Jiangnan University, as a leader for industry and in the development of MBA, IMBA and EDP programs, is rich in resources: it has eminent teachers, famous schools and links with manufacturers to provide its cutting-edge outlook, creative intelligence and inexhaustible strength in sustainable development.

We are proud of our hundreds of thousands of graduates and we are gratified that more than 3000 indefatigable students are persistently pursuing bachelors’ degrees, masters’ degrees and even doctorates. We have a professional staff who are devoted to education and academic research. They always give priority to students, uphold academic morality and understand their social responsibility.

As the economic society advances, this Business School aspires to learn from top universities in the country and overseas and to build its brand. We dedicate ourselves to establishing a global research and teaching platform by exchanging professors, promoting international study tours and the joint operation with schools abroad, where we can track the recent trends of commercial practice, pay close attention to the economy, and thus undertake significant tasks in China’s the economic development and service to society.

It will take great efforts from everybody to build our brand image. Finally, we appreciate the friendly support that we have received from you all. We assure you that everyone will seriously concentrate on turning a new page in the history of the Business School.