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MBA End-of-Term Conference Held

Release time:2021-01-14

At the beginning of the new year, two end-of-term conferences organized by the MBA Program Center were successfully held in Room 116 of the School of Business.

At 12 o’clock on January 9, the end-of-term conference of the Class 2020 MBA students was held. Wang Yuhong, vice dean of the School and director of the MBA Program Center, had a discussion with 20 student representatives. At 12:50 on January 10, the end-of-term conference of the Class 2019 MBA students was held. Wang Yuhong had a discussion with 14 student representatives. Both meetings were hosted by Sun Junmin.

Each student representative actively put forward pertinent suggestions and opinions on the MBA program’s curriculum settings, class arrangements, teaching faculty, teaching methods, graduation dissertations, student activities and continuous learning.

After listening carefully, Wang Yuhong exchanged views on the main issues. He asked the management team of the MBA Program Center to carefully study the opinions and suggestions of the students and come up with practical improvement plans and measures.

At the conference, Wang Yuhong also introduced the National Conference on Postgraduate Education held by the Ministry of Education in 2020. He encouraged the students to cherish the opportunity and work harder to complete their studies.

The meetings are one of the platforms for communication between the MBA Program Center and students in order to keep abreast of students’ learning status, needs and expectations during the program for continuous improvement and development.

End-of-term conference of the Class 2020 MBA students

End-of-term conference of the Class 2019 MBA students