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JNU MBA in the Fight against COVID-19

Release time:2020-02-02

MBA students at Jiangnan University actively responded to the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020.

As a doctor, Lu Pengcheng of Class 2019 contacted Zhou Xiaoli, his classmate who is engaged in international trade, to seek overseas medical supplies that are in shortage in the frontline in China. They soon put together a team to purchase masks, including Director of Office of MBA Program Center Tang Jie and President of the MBA Alumni Association. With clear division of labor, the team sorted out massive information, contacted overseas suppliers, checked goods, raised funds, organized logistics and customs clearance documents, contacted charities and hospitals, and arranged donation release.

Yet the process was not as smooth as expected. Their first order of 150,000 N95 masks from Dubai turned out to be a failure despite their full preparations at home and abroad. They did not give up. After contacting every possible supplier in Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Thailand, the UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Russia, the United States, El Salvador, etc., they finally ordered 7,000 3M N95-8210 masks in Dubai. They immediately paid the deposit to ensure that the supplies would be transported to the front-line medical staff in China.

Meanwhile, the team have arranged the follow-up logistics such as contact with the hospitals, customs clearance and delivery. They launched a donation among JNU MBA alumni. Within just three days, a total of 302 people donated a total of 62,633 yuan.

Since private companies could not clear customs in time during the pandemic, Liang Naixia quickly contacted the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce to issue a certificate to speed up the process. Finally, the masks were delivered to different hospitals in time.

While countless medical staff are fighting in the frontline, the JNU MBA team and MBA students are making their contributions backstage.

With the first batch of supplies delivered successfully, the MBA team continued to look for reliable sources in hope of offering more help.

Go China!

The MBA team donated medical supplies.

The MBA team donated medical supplies.

The MBA team donated medical supplies.