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JNU MBA Entrepreneurial Team Won the Third Place in the Finals of the 18th China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition

Release time:2020-12-15

From December 12 to 13, the Finals of the 18th China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition, sponsored by UBest, were held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Under the instruction of Wang Lijuan, Tang Jie, Zhu Weiping, the team made up of MBA Class 2017 students Li Wei and Lu Jialin, and chief technical expert Yang Qing won the third place with the project “Manufacturing of Intelligent Pre-processing Instrument for Organic Analysis”.

Founded in 2002, the China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition has been successfully held for seventeen sessions, attracting hundreds of MBA entrepreneurial teams from dozens of well-known business schools in Hong Kong, Taiwan Province of China, Singapore and Mainland China, which represents the top competition for high-level entrepreneurial projects of Chinese MBA students. This session was launched in January 2020, and consists of five competition areas. A total of 356 MBA teams from 72 domestic and foreign business schools attended the event.

The finals have 13 projects roughly under two categories. Under the first category is artificial intelligence, IoTs, industrial Internet, big data, information technology, 5G, environmental protection and other hardcore technological fields in line with the national development strategies. The second category include garbage recycling, online media, education, small household appliances and other entrepreneurial fields related to a new lifestyle.

During the competition, the JNU team also participated in the entrepreneurial training camp, matching between project and financial capital and other activities organized by the organizer, from which they gained professional guidance in project operations, management, and production.

The MBA Program Center organizes MBA students and alumni to participate in the competition every year. This year, the entrepreneurial project “Manufacturing of Intelligent Pre-processing Instrument for Organic Analysis” made it to the finals and won the third place.

Introduction to the project: Manufacturing of Intelligent Pre-Processing Instruments for Organic Analysis

Pre-processing instrument with organic analysis features low automation and poor efficiency in sample preparation. Its transformation towards automation is inevitable in the long run. The self-developed SHINE automatic rapid extraction instrument can extract organic compounds in solid samples. It is quick, clean, safe, and highly automatic, thus widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, food, medical and other industries. The project has derived and developed laboratory auxiliary equipment such as organic solvent separation and purification, water circulation cooling, etc., to meet the pre-processing for organic analysis. The project is developing intelligent detection and remote control functions.

The team made roadshow report (from left to right: Yang Qing, Li Ben and Lu Jialin) founder Wang Zhidong presented awards to the team

Team photo

Group photo after the competition