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MBA Alumni Association Honored Advanced Alumni Group of JNU in 2020

Release time:2020-12-01

On November 28, the 2020 President and Secretary-General Meeting of Alumni Branches/Groups of Jiangnan University was held in Hangzhou. Present was Chen Wei, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of JNU, Dai Yuebo, vice president of the Alumni Association and deputy secretary of the School Party Committee, and Wang Wu, former vice president, Liang Naixia, president of MBA Alumni Association, Tang Tang, director of Office of MBA Program Center and Secretary-General of MBA Alumni Association. The meeting was chaired by Huang Min, vice president of the Alumni Association and director of the Social Resources Division.

The conference kicked off with all the participants singing the JNU anthem. Zhu Tuo, president of the Alumni Association, sent his blessing via video. In his speech, Dai Yuebo proposed that the alumni association should serve alumni of different ages and different majors, gather alumni resources, and promote talent training and teaching reform of JNU.

Fang Yinjun, president of the Zhejiang Alumni Association, sincerely expressing his warm welcome to the teachers and alumni of his alma mater on behalf of the organizer. Lin Yunjian, secretary-general of the Alumni Association, made a work report titled “Work Together to Overcome the Difficulties and Seek Development”.

President Chen Wei delivered an enthusiastic speech. He detailed the current development of the alma mater to the alumni, thanked them for their support for the reform and development of JNU, and the alumni association for its outstanding contributions.

The MBA Alumni Association was honored as the Advanced Alumni Group for the fourth time. As a representative, President Liang Naixia gave a theme report entitled “The Advancing JNU MBA Alumni Association”, covering an overview of the association, anti-pandemic efforts and poverty alleviation, branded activities.

Since its change of office in 2019, the 3rd MBA Alumni Association has improved the working mechanism and the quality of the activities. In the past year, more than 23 events have been organized, engaging more than 2,000 alumni, and generating a great social impact. This year, the MBA Alumni Association has made great contributions to the fight against the pandemic, poverty alleviation, building of alumni association and the development of the alma mater. President Chen Wei awarded the “Advanced Group” medals to ten branches, including the MBA Alumni Association, and President Liang Naixia won the honorary title “Most Beautiful Alumnus”.

President Chen Wei delivered a speech.

President of MBA Alumni Association Liang Naixia delivered a keynote speech.

Leaders awarded medals to award-winning groups and individuals.