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How to do research on soft science projects with sentimentality and tension? ——Dr. Le Jiaang from PricewaterhouseCoopers was a guest at Jiangnan University Business School to give a special lecture

Release time:2021-07-12

On the afternoon of July 11, the MBA Education Center of Jiangnan University specially invited Dr. Le Jiaang, Senior Manager of China Government Consulting Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers, to share the theme of "Soft Science Project Research Methods and Experience Sharing in the 118 Lecture Hall of the Business School—" —Take the decision-making consulting project as an example" thematic lecture. Professor Wang Yuhong, deputy dean of the School of Business of Jiangnan University, presided over the lecture. More than 50 MBA and MEM teachers and students, including Professor Wu Ge, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office, and Professor Zhu Jinwei of the Business School, participated in the event.

Dr. Le Jiaang is the senior manager of the tax and business consulting services department of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is mainly responsible for government decision-making consulting services, assisting local government agencies in strategic planning, industrial positioning, industrial development policy research, investment and business environment assessment, etc. He served for six years at the Shanghai Institute of Science, one of the first high-end think tanks in Shanghai, and participated in the new round of national medium and long-term science and technology development plans, Shanghai medium and long-term science and technology development plans, and Shanghai science and technology innovation "13th Five-Year Plan". Decision-making consulting project, and was long-term hired as an expert of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Le gave a brief introduction to PwC’s global network, China network, team positioning, service content, etc., so that teachers and students could understand the profound team strength and professional expertise of PwC’s integrated business consulting department. Service ability, valuable customer resources and rich practical experience.

Then, Dr. Le introduced the methods and experience of soft science project research in detail to the participants. Dr. Le started from the concept, history and importance of soft science project research, based on the three stages of problem definition, problem analysis and problem solving in the project research process, focusing on the Logic Tree and Story Line. The core methods of PwC’s project research, such as classification thinking, screening thinking, deductive analysis, inductive analysis, etc., and taking the “Lujiazui Night Economic Business Optimization Project” that he is responsible for recently as an example, the practical application of various research methods in project demand investigation, status evaluation and benchmarking, proposal and other links is explained in detail.

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Le also shared his personal experience in consulting for eight years and summarized his experience in soft science project research. He believes that the beginning of project research is inseparable from a large amount of literature reading and work practice. At the same time, it is necessary to build a knowledge system in the professional field, adhere to multi-channel and wide-field field research, form a research paradigm that meets the characteristics of the project and team, and output high-quality ideas, Form a closed loop of research and do research with sentimentality and tension.

In the interactive communication session, teachers and students competed to ask questions and the atmosphere was enthusiastic. Dr. Le and his teachers and students discussed multiple issues such as the channel method of project research, problem thinking in model development, soft science project research risk management and control, the grasp and application of logic trees and story lines, and the mining of customer needs when the needs are not clear. Conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions. The teachers and students all expressed that the lecture was full of dry goods and benefited a lot; they only felt that the time passed too fast, and they looked forward to further cooperation and exchanges in the future.

Finally, Professor Wang Yuhong, the vice dean of the School of Business, summarized Dr. Le’s sharing and sent a letter of appreciation to Dr. Le on behalf of the Jiangnan University Business School and the MBA Education Center. So far, this lecture was a complete success. This lecture has played a positive role in guiding Jiangnan University’s MBA and MEM students to participate in case competitions and do a good job in project research. It will improve the comprehensive strength of Jiangnan University’s business school soft science project research and promote the high-quality development and brand of Jiangnan University’s MBA and MEM Construction has played a powerful role in promoting.

Dr. Le Jiaang made a theme sharing

Vice Dean Wang Yuhong of the School of Business presided over the lecture

Lecture scene

MBA and MEM teachers and students interact with Dr. Le

Group photo of guests, teachers and students